Our Products & Services

We serve clients with 1 horse right up to customers with over 300 horses, and farmers milking from 50 to 1400 cows, they all receive the best possible service! And we will do anything to try and help make deliveries go smoothly because we know every client is under pressure everyday! We can supply extra staff, and all our drivers are from farming backgrounds andqualified to unload themselves if needed on your machine sometimes saving you valuable hours!

We pride ourself on our top quality meadow and ryegrass hay Philip is very passionate about hay! And personally selects the hay, and spends many hours on the road searching for the best possible hay for our clients.

Our soft green sweet smelling meadow hay in large square and small coventional bales is suitable for horses, ponies, cows, sheep and pet bedding products and is by far our best seller, we do many different grades of meadow hay just call for your requirements and a very competitive price.

Our Ryegrass hay is dedicated towards the horseracing industry and the competition horse that is in very intense training, or possibly a 2nd year ryegrass would be suitable for stud hay for mares and stallions requiring good nutrition without lots of expensive hard feed, we again do this in small and large bales, all of our ryegrass hay is of the highest possible standard, and is stored to our strict requirements to reduce air and moisture damage .
All our drivers are fully trained to reject hay or bales that are not suitable For the client they are going to, so important to our old fashioned correct values, of the client is always a VIP to us and very important!

We can also advise you on how to stack and store your hay in the best possible conditions so every bale can be used

We Also are always looking to purchase top quality hay all year round at premium market prices, in all size bales what we look for is:

  • Good quality, made well with no rain, low moisture
  • Good tight bales, stored well
  • Good quick loading and good access for lorry and trailers

We are prompt payers by bank transfer guaranteed and are looking for good long term business relationships.

Our prestigious hay client list includes:

  • The Royal farms Windsor
  • The Thistledown stud
  • Speedgate, Kent
  • Frogpool Mannor
  • Countrywide Denes, Liphook
  • Total Equestrian Beenham
  • Peter Charles world class show jumper
  • William Funnel, Billy stud, world class show jumper
  • Mount st John, world leading breeding, and showing yard
  • Royal Windsor horse show
  • Olympia horse show
  • Milmarc messers W Ramsey & sons leading Scottish blackface breeder
  • Hugh Blackwood leading farmer and Scottish blackface breeder
  • Alan Jacob leading and winning welsh cattle breeder
  • Phil Reed, the Rhos herd world class livestock breeder and exhibitor
  • Bruce Davis, pandy
  • George chandler, Grosmont
  • The list is endless and every customer is a very important one! Come and join us!